Something about me

    trying not to bore you...  

Hi everybody,

my name is Erika Corrado and I was born in Genova (Italy) in 1982.

I love wildlife and I try to respect, preserve and valorise it as much as I can, even with my artworks.


I spent my childhood and girlhood in Garessio, a wonderful medieval village in the Alps close to the Mediterranean Sea.

Since I was a child I always loved drawing, painting and creating artworks.

I remember that I've been embellishing my room, by hanging drawings, decorating furniture and even directly by painting the walls.

Even at school I have always shown a certain attitude toward the arts; so when it was time, I attended the Institute of Arts, where I took the specialization in jewelry.

In those days I have participated in several competitions with good results, to my great satisfaction.

After school, fate and chance took me to a different professional direction, but my passion for art was and is something I can neither control nor ignore.
So I just kept to drawing, painting, creating clay objects and even some jewelry as an hobby.

When I make a gift, for example, I like to customize it to those who receive it, or even create something especially for the occasion.

Some friends they have also commissioned the work, mainly jewelery or decoration.

For a few years I moved to Norway and even here I have kept to work on my great passion.

Now I finally decided to show to the public what I do and to make myself available for those who had pleasure to make a special gift, or just to beautify their home.

Contact me for any questions, requests or clarifications.